Intrepid Hearts Men's Tank Top

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Are You Inspired by 'Intrepid Hearts'?

Imagine, your life is full of love and your happiness is overflowing in great abundance. Feeling like this every day starts with being brave enough to believe in yourself!

Get to know your new favorite tank top! This tank is a must-have item for warm days in the sun. It has everything you could possibly need - vibrant colors, soft material and a relaxed fit that will make you look incredible! It's so light and comfy, it'll become a staple in your wardrobe in no time. It's PLURfect for everyday wear, or for showing off your dance moves at the next festival event. It's made from an incredibly smooth, and super comfortable cotton touch polyester jersey that won't fade after washing (and it's vegan too!). How amazing is that?!

Plurthlings Wear PLUR Things ...

Plurthlings Intrepid Hearts gifFor each song we make, we also create a piece of unique artwork. We print these designs on custom, hand-made clothes, so you can literally "wear your favorite songs"! This is the official artwork for Plurthlings' assorted DJ Mixes, where they bring the Plurth Dimension direct to you. "Intrepid Hearts" are brave and confident enough to journey out into the world and be themselves. That's what this design is all about! Please support your favorites by ordering this limited-edition piece for your collection right away.

Listen and download the DJ mixes for FREE here ...

Need some more specifics?

  • 96% polyester, 4% elastane
  • Premium knit, mid-weight jersey
  • Very soft, four-way stretch fabric
  • Regular fit
  • Designed with Love in Denver, CO
  • Precision-cut and hand-sewn in the USA
  • FREE Priority Shipping (1-3 Days)
  • Backed by our LIFETIME PLURTH Guarantee

Wait ... What's PLURTH?

PLURTH is a hybrid fashion line & record label created by Kahu & Monsoon of the EDM music duo, Plurthlings. What began as a Visual VJ and Audio DJ project, has turned into a new model for all creative arts industries. After doing research into lost realms and supercontinents ... they discovered the PLURTH Codex ...

Plurthlings Portal Surfing Banner

Many people know what PLUR is (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) ... but they haven't heard of "PLURTH" yet ...

PLUR Plurthlings Handshake

Plurth is a parallel dimension of Earth, where there's no war or poverty. On this twin-planet, all lifeforms coexist in a network of global abundance.

Over 42,000 years ago, Plurth was separated from Earth. For the first time in several millennia, electronic dance music (EDM) helped re-establish a portal to this mystical realm.

We've forgotten the last two words of the PLURTH codex that allows us to reconnect to this lost dimension.

This code still lies within our collective memory ... we can choose to remember at any time ...

“We believe that art and music are the universal languages of a planet of PEACE. The infinite LOVE of nature inspires us to help expand consciousness for the enjoyment of all. We live to create experiences of UNITY that bring people together with waves of positive emotion. We RESPECT all life forms by focusing our collective energy towards more sustainable resources. TRUTH is the light that guides us towards a better world. HARMONY opens the portal and lets us connect to that paradise today.”

- PLURTH Codex

Plurthlings Press Photo Fire Orbs banner gif

Let's show the world what us Plurthlings can do, shall we???

Let's Create Plurth On Earth TOGETHER!

Step ONE: Help us take this clothing line and our music project to the next level by ordering a couple of your favorite designs. Then our fashion Plurthlings will get to work right away hand-crafting your custom pieces. We'll ship them out within a couple days of ordering, and you'll receive them within 7 business days total on most weeks of the year (holidays excluded).

We provide FREE priority shipping for all orders over $19.99 because we want you to always have a premium VIP experience. It will be sent most often by USPS, and sometimes it will be delivered to your door, and sometimes to your mailbox (depending on how many items you ordered).

STEP TWO: Then this is what you need to do ...

Outdoor music festival fireworks gif

First, take some photos! And post them up in your Snapchat or Instagram stories ... let your friends know you are trying out this all-new kind of merchandise ...

Make sure to tag us ... You can always find us by searching Plurth, Plurthlings or using the handle @plurthlings and hashtags ... #plurth #plurthonearth

Then, wear them out to your favorite events, to the gym, to yoga class, maybe even to work or school if you're daring enough. Heck, take a trip to Whole Foods and see all the attention you'll get! Wait for the feedback ...

Post a gallery of your favorite photos to Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest while wearing your PLURTH Gear and hanging with your PLURTH Fam! Show us what you LOVE to do while rocking the gear, and how you like to make the world a more positive, peaceful place.

Then take all those amazing stories that you made with your friends while wearing these and give us a review right here on this very page and share with your friends. Make sure to include links to all of your blogs, vlogs, and photos so we can re-post and help grow your social following too!

STEP THREE: With a great review, we'll do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in our power to get you 2 FREE guest list passes to our next Plurthlings show anywhere in the world. Now we can't always promise festival passes, but anything is possible!

Much love PLURTH Fam!